Govt’s Relief Plan for consumers with 400 Electricity Units

Govt's Relief Plan for consumers with 400 Electricity Units
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ISLAMABAD: The government has shared with the IMF a comprehensive plan for relief in electricity bills, a plan to provide relief to consumers of up to 400 units is under consideration.

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A proposal was also submitted to the IMF to support the payment of bills for power supply under a phased plan to the Basic Power Unit as per options. Under the proposed plan, the MQM proposes to pay each consumer’s electricity bill in installments, if agreed, the contract may be for two months.

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Sources say that a plan has been prepared to collect money for the relief of 250 billion rupees by stopping electricity theft, the Ministry of Finance will give a written guarantee to take the bills of August and September in installments.

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The sources of the Ministry of Finance, an action plan is being prepared to prevent the theft of electricity in an emergency, a plan to give relief to the users of up to 400 units of electricity is under consideration.

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