“I suffered six months in a wheelchair,” said Aima Baig.

Aima Baig, a well-known Pakistani singer, has revealed that she had a disease four years ago that required her to use a wheelchair for six months and undergo chemotherapy.

Aima disclosed this in a recent YouTube podcast, stating that she had never spoken about it before today but is now sharing it now that she is fully recovered.

The host asked you during the interview why you didn’t want to appear in the movie Barhavan Khiladi when you were offered the role.

Accordingly, the vocalist said that ‘I was experiencing a serious sickness called joint pain during those days because of which my bones became kindled and as a result of this my strolling was likewise unimaginable’.

Aima Baig told about the sickness that ‘quite a while back I was on a wheelchair for quite some time and during that time I likewise visited Punjab, around then my one foot size was 37 and the size of the other foot was 38. There was a ton of irritation in every one of the bones, including the knees and joints.
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Aima Baig stated, “I was able to get up from the wheelchair after a doctor from New York gave me some injections. My condition was very alarming in those days, when I was being cast for the twelfth player. At that time, I shared this condition with Mahira Khan, who understood my condition.”

What is Arthristis?
Arthritis, also referred to as joint pain, is a condition characterized by persistent joint pain and inflammation.

Several forms of arthritis can also affect the eyes, heart, or skin, among other parts of the body.

This infection advances with time.



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