India; The young man who died in the train accident suddenly came back to life in the mortuary

 train accident
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New Delhi: After a tragic train accident in India, a helpless father and a desperate brother managed to bring their son and brother alive from the morgue.


According to Indian media, at least 275 people were killed and more than 1100 injured as a result of the terrible collision between two passenger trains and a freight train in Odisha, but there were some surprising incidents in this tragic accident.

Vijender Rishidev, a 40-year-old daily wage laborer in the state of Bihar, took an ambulance and left home when he was informed about the train accident. From the scene of the accident, everyone went to the hospital where the injured were brought.

He was in the ambulance for 24 hours but didn’t give up. Someone said, “Go to the mortuary,” and he said, “I am sure that my son is alive.” Even if he is in the morgue, he will still have life.

Vijendra Rishidev was told of a school where the bodies of those killed in the train accident were kept. When he reached the school, there was a pile of dead bodies and the staff refused to show each body.

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While he was arguing with the crew, a dead hand came out of the shroud. The hand was shaking. Vijendra immediately recognized him as his son. Wrapped and hugged his son. It was breathing.




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