Major Decision of The Supreme Court Regarding Wife’s Right to Haq Meher

 Haq Meher

Islamabad: The Supreme Court said in its decision that the husband will be bound to pay the Haq Meher whenever the woman requests it.

According to the details, Chief Justice Qazi Faiz Isa wrote the decision regarding Haq Mehr which consists of three pages.

The Court stated that Haq Meher constitutes one of the fundamental rights of Shariah and its enactment is also provided by the laws of the land. Furthermore, incase Haq Meher is not specified as due on a particular date/time in the marriage contract, then the wife has

The judgment said that in the present case, the wife had to file a case for obtaining Haq Meher, which reached the Supreme Court after 6 years. The courts did not penalize the husband for filing unnecessary appeals. If the situation does not reach here, filing unnecessary appeals is paralyzing the judicial system.

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The Supreme Court imposed a fine of Rs 1 lakh on the husband for delaying the right of Haq Meher to the wife and dismissed the appeal against the order of Khalid Parvez’s wife Samina.

The Supreme Court in its judgment has further said that courts should not hesitate to impose fines to end unnecessary litigation.

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