Pakistani Girl Javeria Khanum crosses border to marry love of her life in India

Pakistani Girl Javeria Khanum crosses border to marry love of her life in India

Another cross-border love story, Javeria Khanum, a Pakistani Girl, entered India legally through the Lahore Wahagh border on Tuesday to marry her fiance. Javeria Khanum has been granted a 45-day visa. She has arrived in India to marry her fiance Sameer Khan. Fiance is a resident of Kolkata.

The Indian High Commission rejected the visa application 3 times during 5 years. However, now the Indian High Commission in Islamabad has issued a 45-day visa. Javeria Khanum and Sameer Khan will get married in Kolkata in the first week of January.

Reaching India, Javeria Khanum said that her happiness is indescribable, it all seems like a dream to her. It should be noted that on this occasion Indian husband Sameer Khan said that he is grateful to the Indian government for getting the visa. Now I want both the governments to show special concession in matters of marriage.

Javeria Khanum is 21 years old. Earlier, India had denied Javeria a visa twice. According to Javeria, she and Sameer were in a relationship for 5 years and finally India granted them a visa. Sameer Khan said that the dream has come true


Jawaria is a resident of Karachi, Pakistan. She will soon become India’s daughter-in-law. Javeria Khanum future husband Sameer Khan is a resident of Kolkata. Both will be married in the same city. Sameer described meeting Khanum as his dream come true. The two got engaged in 2018.

Before that, there was a lot of talk about Seema Haider coming from Pakistan becoming India’s daughter-in-law. Anju from Rajasthan also went to Pakistan to marry her lover. Anju recently returned to India from Pakistan. The issue on India -Pakistani media elicited a lot of heated debates. The issue was on the front pages of many publications.

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