Noor Bukhari Advises Mahira Khan change path and turn to Allah

Noor Bukhari Advises Mahira Khan
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Lahore: Former actress Noor Bukhari advises Mahira Khan to change her path and turn to Allah.

Addressing actress Mahira Khan in a post on social media, Noor Bukhari asked her to change her path and turn to Allah to get rid of mental stress.

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Noor Bukhari further said that when you are mentally disturbed and anxious, it means that your soul needs to connect with Allah Ta’ala. This is the time to listen to this call and change your path. . May Allah ease your pain. Mahira Khan spoke about depression and depression in one of her interviews.

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Social media users expressed mixed reactions to Noor’s post. Some users criticized depression as a disease and highlighted the importance of treating it, while others praised Noor Bukhari’s advice.

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