Punjab Elections Case: The details of the report submitted by the Ministry of Defense to the Supreme Court have come out

Supreme Court

Punjab Elections Case: The Ministry of Defense has filed a petition in the Supreme Court to hold elections simultaneously across the country.


The Ministry of Defense has taken the position in the petition filed that elections should be ordered simultaneously across the country and the Supreme Court should withdraw the order of elections in Punjab.


The details of the report submitted by the Ministry of Defense to the Supreme Court regarding the Punjab elections case have come to light.

The report of the Ministry of Defense also mentions the situation of the neighboring countries.

The report said that 3 lakh 85 thousand 485 armed forces and Rangers personnel will be required for the elections, more security personnel may be required in view of the charged political environment, only the police will be insufficient to deal with the security situation.


In the report of the Ministry of Defense, it was said that it is not possible to immediately remove the soldiers from the ongoing operation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, the situation in Punjab and Sindh is stable because of the KP, Balochistan operations.


The report further said that if Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan operations are disrupted, the effect will also come in Punjab, Sindh, forces will be available for security duties by the beginning of October.


It should be noted that the 3-member bench of the Supreme Court has ordered to hold the elections in Punjab on May 14. Apart from this, the Supreme Court ordered the State Bank to provide funds to the Election Commission, but the National Assembly did not release the funds. The resolution was rejected.



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