SECP Big Announcement About Mobile Applications

SECP Big Announcement About Mobile Applications

Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan shut down 150 illegal mobile applications, Chairman SECP says that these apps were doing illegal business of giving digital loans.

Chairman SECP Akif Saeed while talking to the media in Islamabad said that SECP has blocked 150 illegal mobile applications, these apps were doing illegal business of giving digital loans.

With the help of FIA and PTA, SECP is playing its role as a regulator regarding digital apps, so please do your best before investing or taking a loan online.

He added that there is a list of approved apps on the SEP website, take loans only from those websites that are available on the website. On the other hand, Meta, the company that owns the world’s largest social website Facebook, says that the company has deleted thousands of fake accounts that were trying to give the impression that they are accounts of American people.

According to global media reports, the Associated Press news agency says that Facebook management has confirmed that they have closed 4800 fake accounts operated from different regions of China.

Facebook management said that all the deleted accounts were being operated from China but were giving the impression that they were American.

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According to Facebook, all the above accounts were trying to influence people’s thinking by sharing selected content regarding American politics and especially next year’s elections.

The company said all the accounts were commenting on American politics by sharing content from American personalities, institutions and media shared on the social media app Twitter.



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