Simon Doull commentator’s remarks on Hassan Ali’s wife draw online criticism

Despite the fact that former New Zealand cricketer Simon Doull’s blunt criticism of Pakistani cricketers during the eighth season of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) sparked a storm on social media, internet users were done and dragged him into another issue.

The Kiwi cricketer-turned-pundit — who is at present in Pakistan for discourse in the Pakistan Super league — dug himself a pit as he was heard remarking on Hasan Ali’s Wife, Samiya Arzoo.

Doull extemporely expressed his gratitude to hasan ali wife  right as the winning team was celebrating its victory.

“She has won it,” Doulle declared. She has won a couple of hearts too I accept. That is fantastic and absolutely beautiful. And the triumph.”

Instead of telling the 53-year-old the name of the female spectator, the other commentator laughed and said, “Doully, you’re hot.” Similar to Islamabad United (referring to the red jersey of the team). Hot as hell.

The social media video is from Match No, to clear up any confusion. 24 was played on March 7 at the Pindi Club Ground in Rawalpindi between Islamabad United and Multan Sultans. samiya hasan ali

The video’s caption read, “Simon Doull about Hassan Ali’s wife,” despite the fact that Doull had not said anything inappropriate. hasan ali and his wife cricketer hasan ali wife hasan ali daughter



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