Status feature on WhatsApp is likely to be changed

Status feature
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WhatsApp, the world’s largest instant messaging application, is always introducing new Status feature and updates, but the status on the application is also likely to be changed soon.


According to the website ‘Web at Info’, which monitors the updates of WhatsApp, the experts of the application are working on not only changing the status feature but also changing its name.

The report said that testing of the new feature has also started and limited users have been given access to it.

 Under the new feature, users will have the status feature bar open, meaning more options will be visible.

At this time, in the status feature, there is an option at the bottom that the user can choose to keep the status private or give access to limited friends.

But after new updates, after opening the status feature, there will be a bar, where various options are given.

The bar will have the same options that users now have when sharing a status, but later all options will appear in one bar.

Status feature on WhatsApp is likely to be changed

Similarly, after updates, the status name will change to ‘Updates’ and this change is probably being made due to other changes in WhatsApp.

That is, looking at other features including the channel introduced in WhatsApp, the status bar is also being introduced.

Currently, experts are busy working on the said feature and it is too early to say when it will be introduced.

Apart from this, work is also being done to introduce the feature of redesigning the design of WhatsApp, while work is also underway on new changes regarding changing the icon of the group.




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