The arrival of Russian oil is likely to reduce the prices of petroleum products by Rs 40 per litre

Russian oil
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Islamabad: The process of offloading from the oil ship coming from Russian oil is going on and so far 6000 barrels of oil have been unloaded from the ship.


According to the information coming from the sources of the Ministry of Petroleum, the payment for the oil purchased from Russia has been made in Chinese currency instead of dollars under the agreement.

The sources of the ministry say that the prices of petroleum products in Pakistan will be lower with Russian oil and they are likely to decrease by 30 to 40 rupees per liter.

The first batch of 45 thousand tons of oil will be refined in the PRL refinery, in which PARCO will also contribute, Russian oil will come to the market in the next two weeks.

 Pakistan and Russia have initially signed an agreement for 100,000 barrels of oil, after the results of the first shipment, 700,000 barrels of oil will come to Pakistan.

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The effects of price relief from Russian oil are likely to come through July 1.

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