Hareem Shah was upset after the arrest of Sandal Khattak

Hareem Shah
source: File Photo

Islamabad: FIA arrested the accused after Sandal Khattak’s bail application was rejected in the Hareem Shah Naziba video leak case, on which Hareem Shah became emotional.

Outside the court premises, when media representatives wanted to get a reaction from Hareem Shah on the arrest of her friend Sandal Khattak, she became overwhelmed and could not speak.

The hearing of the case was held in the court of Islamabad where the plaintiff Hareem Shah and the accused Sandal Khattak appeared in the court along with their lawyers.

During the hearing, TikToker Hareem Shah also showed Nazeeba videos and photos in the court room.

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After hearing the arguments from the sides, Special Judge Central Azam Khan denied the accused Sandal Khattak’s request for bail.




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