The dead woman Bella Montoya came back to life during the last rites

 Bella Montoya

A doctor at the hospital had declared Bella Montoya dead, but during his last rites, the ‘body’ started rattling around inside the closed casket.


This incident of the woman being ‘alive’ during the burial rites happened in Babavio, about two hundred kilometers from the capital of Ecuador, Quito.

According to the Associated Press, the government has started an investigation into the incident.

Bella Montoya is 76 years old and is a retired nurse. Her son Barbera told ‘AP’ that on Friday, the people participating in the mother’s burial rites heard a knocking sound from inside the coffin, so they pulled Bella out and rushed her to the hospital.

“It freaked us all out,” Barbera said of the sounds coming from the casket.

Ecuador’s health ministry said on Monday that Bella Montoya is now being treated at a hospital where he is being kept in an intensive care unit.

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Meanwhile, an investigation has been started against the doctors who took care of him in the hospital.

Officials have not released any information about the doctor who pronounced Bella Montoya dead and issued her death certificate.

The Ministry of Health has said that it has set up a technical committee to investigate the case of Bella Montoya being declared dead, which will investigate how the hospital declared the woman dead and issued the death certificate.

Bella Montoya was rushed to the hospital on Friday with a stroke and heart problems. According to the Ministry of Health, when a doctor on duty did not notice any movement in Bella’s body, he declared her dead.

Bella Montoya’s son Barbera said he was unconscious when he took his mother to the hospital on Friday. The doctors then informed him that his mother had died and gave him the mother’s death certificate.

Later, Bella Montoya’s family took the ‘deceased’ to a ‘funeral home’ where he was being cremated on Friday, when strange sounds started coming from the coffin.

Barbera said that around 20 people attended the last rites. When sounds came from the coffin, it was opened and his mother was seen alive and trying to breathe heavily.

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According to Barbera, her mother is still under treatment in the hospital, but the doctors are not very optimistic about her health.




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