The federal cabinet meeting will be convened tomorrow to consider the strategy related to the Supreme Court decision

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif called a federal cabinet meeting tomorrow.

According to the sources, the meeting of the federal cabinet will be held tomorrow at 2 pm, the strategy and legal consultation related to the Supreme Court decision will be discussed in the meeting.


Sources say that the federal cabinet will approve the decisions of the National Security Committee, the meeting will also discuss the return of the judicial reform bill and its approval by the joint session of the parliament.


It should be remembered that a few days ago, the National Assembly approved the judicial reform bill and sent it to the President of Pakistan for approval, but President Arif Alvi has sent the bill back to the Parliament for revision.


The President said that in hindsight this bill is beyond the authority of the Parliament, the bill can be challenged in the court if it is legally artificial and insufficient, I think it is necessary to complete the examination and reconsider the correctness of this bill. It is appropriate to return to do.





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