Which Social Media Platform will be the Most Popular in 2023?

Which Social Media Platform will be the Most Popular in 2023?

This year surprisingly short video application Tik Tok was the second most popular and used Social Media Platform worldwide.

Cloudflare Radar organization  publish reports on the most popular websites, Social media platform and other internet services every year, has released its annual report.

The organization released this year’s list of the Most Popular in 2023 websites and internet services, it also released list of the 10 most popular social media websites or applications.

According to the list of the ten most popular social media apps, Twitter (X) is not among the top three applications.

10 Most Popular Social Media Apps & Websites

1- Facebook

The website holding the honor of being the world’s largest social website, Facebook was the most popular website.

2- Tik Tok

Short video sharing application Tik Tok was surprisingly the second most popular app, even though it was number one for many years.

3- Instagram

The third most popular application was Instagram which is a social sharing platform.

4- Twitter-X

The 4th most popular micro-blogging website.

5- Snapchat

The fifth most popular applications and social platforms Snapchat is a social sharing application.

6- LinkedIn

The sixth position was LinkedIn, which is a business and implementation platform.

7- Discord

The seventh most popular application was Discord which is a messaging and calls application platform.

8- Reddit

The most popular social websites in the world, Reddit is ranked eighth, which is a news rating sharing platform.

9- Pinterest

The ninth most popular website Pint Rest which is a picture sharing platform.

10- Kwai

The tenth most popular social app was Kwai, which is an application similar to Tik Tok and Instagram.