Foreign investors willing to invest pakistan IT sector

Foreign investors willing to invest pakistan IT sector

ISLAMABAD: Foreign capital is clamoring to invest in the pakistan IT sector.Spanish businessman Oscar Ramos, Pakistan now has a significant platform in the IT industry. We have faith in Pakistanis’ ability.

Saudi Arabian Muhammad Huzaifa claimed that international investors are prepared to make investments in Pakistan. Other foreign nations such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman are also eager to invest in pakistan IT sector.

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Irfan Wahab, the CEO of Telenor Company, stated that the IT industry can help to increase employment, while Haris Mehmood, the CEO of the Universal Service Fund, stated that the installation of 5,000 towers in rural and isolated locations has accelerated the spread of freelancing and various IT platforms.

Chief Executive Shedev Zahra Norain, similar seminars ought to be given all throughout the nation. Syed Azfar Hussain, Officer, National Incubation Center, Hyderabad, stated that Pakistani startups, independent contractors, and IT enterprises have a significant opportunity to establish themselves globally.

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Fatima Asad Saeed, chief executive of Abex Consulting, Pakistan has made the development of the technology sector and its potential a top priority for the country’s future. Women need to be more active in the IT field, according to MEDIC CEO Dr. Saira Siddique.



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