In reaction to price increases, citizens start a “fruit boycott”

The “Fruit Boycott Movement” was started by people in Islamabad and Rawalpindi in response to the rising cost of fruit. Activists have gone to virtual entertainment to encourage the general population to go along with them in the battle against exorbitant costs.


Profiteers and hoarders are to blame for fruit price inflation. People say that the problem is getting worse because government officials have a bad relationship with these hoarders and profiteers.


The residents’ plan to fight the high prices was to stop buying fruit for two days. At first, the boycott was only allowed in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and Karachi. However, it quickly spread to other cities and involved people who were actively working to make the campaign successful In reaction to price increases, citizens start a “fruit boycott”.


Officials from the district governments of Islamabad and Rawalpindi ignored the issue, despite numerous public protests. According to reports, profiteers and hoarders have stocked their stores with a variety of fruits in order to artificially create a shortage and raise prices.

At first, only a few people expressed an interest in the campaign; however, as word spread through social media and mainstream media, a large number of people took part. By the fourth day, the market was in a very interesting state, and the campaign had a positive effect on the population and the government.



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